Herbals Villa

Combine the herbal farm with the resort rooms. Create environment that live in the farm. The guest and pick the organic herbs for making tea, planting them, touch and feel.

All information board about the specific herbs will post in middle of rooms.

1. Peppermint Room – Rooms with design concept of Peppermint theme and surrounding by Peppermint hydroponic live plants.
2. Lemongrass Room – Rooms with design concept of Lemongrass theme and surrounding by Lemongrass hydroponic live plants.
3. Patchouli Room – Rooms with design concept of Patchouli theme and surrounding by Patchouli hydroponic live plants.
Same Concept Will Follow by :
4.Tea Tree Room
5.Lavender Room
6.Citronella Room
7.Pogostemon Cablin Room
8. Passion Flower Room
9. Mexican Coriander Room
10. Dill ( Anethum Graveolens ) Room and etc

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