Fresh Market

Organic farms support and look after our beautiful and diverse wildlife. With intense farming in the Malaysia, there soon will be a dramatic erosion of the soil, and the near extinction of some of the most beautiful species of butterflies, frogs, and wild mammals.

Organic food and fruits taste so much better than conventional food. Get ready for fruit and vegetables that are full of juice and flavor, and so many different varieties to try! From cocoa to bananas, to lime and pineapple, there is the same type of organic fruit as conventional fruit, but only organic fruit is pesticide-free. Do you know why that apple is so shiny in the store shelf? Yes, you guessed it, full of pesticides. Yes, full of poisons and chemicals. Why spend time scrubbing your fruit when you should be enjoying it. Pesticides will prolong shelf life, but at the same time, are more damaging to your body.

We are committed to those values, while providing the warmth of a friendly local market rather than an over-industrialized shopping experience. Following the tradition of our original location, customers are always welcome with warm greetings and remarkable service. And just like that same store we still offer fresh foods with the highest quality at the best value.