Elder Care

The world of care-giving and elder care is always changing with each new generation. If you’re a caregiver yourself or have an aging loved one, you might be wondering how other people like you are feeling about the current state of elder care in the Malaysia

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research recently released their research from a survey that sought to ask these very questions. Specifically, their study aimed to gauge Malaysian’ views on aging and care-giving, as well as provide suggestions for how to improve long-term elder care. The findings were quite interesting and dynamic.

To start, the study showed that the majority of subjects had experience with long-term care. A full 60 percent of Americans age 40 and over have experience receiving or providing long-term care. Furthermore, 90 percent of the people in this group have provided help to family members at some point, with 17 percent both receiving care and caring for others.

Often when people hear the term “care-giving”, they think of senior care. Interestingly enough, the most common form of elder care is family care-giving, as children frequently take care of aging parents. Family care-giving was utilized at some point by 83 percent of individuals who also have experience with assisted living.