Malaysia organic herbals farm and natural healing center in Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Malaysia. A new project create by Best Formula Industries with DSA Development Sdn. Bhd.

Herbals Villa

Combine the herbal farm with the resort rooms. Create environment that live in the farm. The guest and pick the organic herbs for making tea, planting them, touch and feel.

All information board about the specific herbs will post in middle of rooms.

1. Peppermint Room – Rooms with design concept of Peppermint theme and surrounding by Peppermint hydroponic live plants.
2. Lemongrass Room – Rooms with design concept of Lemongrass theme and surrounding by Lemongrass hydroponic live plants.
3. Patchouli Room – Rooms with design concept of Patchouli theme and surrounding by Patchouli hydroponic live plants.
Same Concept Will Follow by :
4.Tea Tree Room
5.Lavender Room
6.Citronella Room
7.Pogostemon Cablin Room
8. Passion Flower Room
9. Mexican Coriander Room
10. Dill ( Anethum Graveolens ) Room and etc

Herbal SPA

Natural Herbals SPA with hot spring perform natural healing and beauty purposes.

* Youth Fountain РAnti Aging Herbal SPA
* Slim Fountain – Slimming Herbal SPA
* White Fountain – Whitening Herbal SPA
* Healing Fountain – Medical Herbal SPA
* Relaxing Fountain – Mental Healing Herbal SPA
* Meditation Fountain – Aura Enhancement Herbal SPA
* Fortune Fountain Р Aura Enhancement Herbal SPA

* Medication – Herbal Extract plus Hot Spring water archive the medication results.
* Capacities : 500pax

Healing Therapy

Herbal Scrub And Massage for Healing Therapy and Beauty

– Anti Aging Herbal Scrub
– Slimming Herbal Scrub
– Whitening Herbal Scrub
– Medical Herbal Scrub
– Herbal Scrub : Lavender Scrub, Kaffir Lime Scrub, Almond Scrub, etc..

* Concept – Female and Male separate rooms.
* Medication – Dry Herbal plus Hot Spring water archive the medication results.
* Capacities : 20 Rooms complete with shower.

Essential Oils

Pure essential oil suitable apply for skincare, aromatherapy massage , medication and soap making. We manufacture and supply wide range of essential oils in Malaysia. Natural pure essential oils perform excellent results for skin medication and repair skin problems. Our pure essential oil without fragrance or harmful ingredients safe for all skin types and children.